Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Easter [Paas] #2

The countdown for Easter has already started a while ago. In Holland the decoration of shops is quite different from what I was used to see in Brazil. There, the ceilings of shops are embelished with hanging chocolate eggs of all sizes and colours. Glitz & glamour ! And people exchange boxes of chocolate bonbons. Here it is rather a children's celebration and the style of decoration is more focused on the usage of little (farm) animal items in plush, wood or plastic.


Anonymous said...

that is the season of the year that I was waiting for.... not only because of the chocolates...(of course one of the biggest reasons)... but also because of this beautiful, inspiring and creative decorations!!!I think here the commercial part is not the the focus of easter...the focus is touch the child inside us, with the magical and innocence of the dreams!!!

Ana Cecília Vidaurre said...

Analu, a Páscoa devia nos inspirar mesmo na esperança. Esperança por um mundo melhor, mais fértil de bondade e menos violência.
Meu filho não come doce, nem chocolate... para nós é época de reflexão.
Linda vitrine, uma coisa fofa!