Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today I gonna tell you how to prepare a wonderful fish with only three ingredients: filet of fish (preferably frozen), pesto rosso (dried tomato paste), and yoghurt (I used a greek one, no fat).

Spread the tomato mixture on the fish (see above), then the yoghurt (see below). Oven 25min.
I used cod but you can use any other filet of white fish according to your preference.

If you wish, you can also add cappers, or olives or coriander or parsley at the end.
But believe me: tomato paste and yoghurt is more than enough.

That is the result (see below) with shrimps and parsley:

I served the fish on the top of mashed potatoes, using a ring for that round effect on the presentation.

Ta-da ! Serve the fish with rice and salad or mashed potatoes and veggies as I did.


Ana Cecília Vidaurre said...

Sempre leio essas coisas perto do almoço, meu deus, que fome!!!!!!
vou comprar molho pesto, peixe e iogurte sempre eu tenho.
Amei essa ideia dos deuses.
Vc como sempre cozinhando bem!

Jane Murback said...

Caraca, tu é chef!
Ficou luxo!

Anonymous said...

Espetáculo !
Onde consigo esse anel pra fazer redondinho ? Adoreiiiiiiiiii
Vou fazer e depois te conto !

Anissa said...

I am gonna try that one , looks delicious !!