Sunday, March 8, 2009

Amsterdamse Bos

Saturday after our lunch we went to vist the Amsterdamse Bos and the Goat Farm.

The area attractions: open air theather, playground area, a big swimming pool for the children (summer only). There are toilet facilities and airport of Schiphol is just 7 km away. You are never completely alone in the nature in Holland. There is no "in the middle of nowhere". Everyminute there was one airplane above our heads. Roarrrrr !

First, a bit of walking in order to get some fresh nose, play a little and search for some mushrooms.

You are lovely !!

You are big !

The pregnancy of a goat lasts 5 months.
The last two months they go on "maternity leave" (if you understand me).
If you feel hungry, there is a cafeteria next to the farm where you can grab a pie or go for some cappucino. Do not bring your own consumptions, please.

Ready made goat cheese for the preparation of fondue. I had never seen that before.

Every possible sort of goat cheese: smoked, with herbs... also butter from goat milk.

Hand and feet cream, honing from own production...

Each bottle to feed the goats costs 0,50euro. Give me two please !

When the goats are sick, they are treated here with homeopathy, not antibiotics.

In the Amsterdamse Bos children have plenty of space to move around, and they can get introduced to some aspects of farm life. Cuddle and feed some goats, buy bio products like milk, eggs, cheese and honing and relax having a pancake and tea. It is a wide park, clean, safe and with good facilities. And the farm "Ridammer Hoeve" has a lot of respect for life and the nature, with all that concept of banning medication and using homeopathy instead. Why not try the A'damse Bos with your children ? No Kids ? Just go there for some relaxation hours with friends !


Anonymous said...

I went there last cute!!!The goats are very friendly and you can touch and feed them in Amsterdamse bos!!Is really nice :) I was waitng to the season of the babys to come back..
Nice one, Anita...

Anonymous said...

I was the proud owner of a goat once, I must have been 10 years old. She was the ugliest thing alive but we were very happy. Her name was Chanette and when i got her I took care of her and every day she became more beautifull!! She had a "one-afternoon-stand" with another goat, a real pro, getting goats pregnat was his everyday job (would that make him a porngoat?). So ather a while we had a little goat named Bill, and that's pretty much all I have on goats for you folks. It must have been a jolly nice weekend,


Anita said...

It was indeed.
Daniel your memories are incredible !