Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friday, 13th February

Hello the world !

This is a wonderful day to go on air.

With this blog thing I hope to bring you something new about this special place on Earth called the Netherlands.

(Well, first of all, it is not a land. The Netherlands is a product of the fantasy and geniality of the Dutch. It is the only country that is below the sea level and grows at every moment in extension.)

In another life, my previous one, I was 100% Brazilian. After one decade of non-stop raining months, low skies an many potatoes dishes further, I am not sure of my nationality in %%% anymore. Anyway, the way I see the world was in great deal molded in Brazil, by Brazilian schools, Brazilian media, Brazilian parents. Therefore, although living among the Dutch for so many years I tend many times to see things from a foreign point of view.

Buuuuut (and there is always a "but" with me) this is a subject for many future posts.

For the moment, welcome to my blog. I promise to post frequently and bring you many aspects of life among the Dutchies.

I would like to receive many greetings !


Anonymous said...

As a Brazilian with a new challenge to live in The Netherlands as me, it is very nice that there is a spot where we can discover and explore informations about this beautifull country. Even being a completley different country (not warm and tropical as Brazil) here we can find a magical and surprising country, with so many things to learn and appreciate , in a place that I feel very welcome and happy.
I wish you luck in this project and success!!!
peace and love

Anonymous said...

ciao anabella.
que tal????

Anonymous said...

FINALMENTE, a blog to read with a caipirina ...Social Awareness is most wellcome. Thank you Ana and keep up the good work.

Lots of Love,


Carla Adriana said...


Ameiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !
Vc é incrivel mesmo .
Achei a idéia sensacional . Coloque sempre coisas novas. Vou comentar cada um deles .
Estou com muitas saudades !
Peace and love.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ana
Good idea to share your experience with ducht people. probably some of us will recognice the situations.
success with your blog.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anita,

This blog is a true reflection of your cheerful and energetic personality and the love with which you do things. Colorful and entertaining.

Thank you and congratulations !!

Anita said...

Thank you for all the support.
Very sweet from you !
The blogs needs a lot of improvements in the layout, such as a photo of mine, a small text in my profile, colours in the title and so on.
I am full of ideas, keep watching this space.
Once more, thanks a lot!
The author

Anonymous said...

hello anna !

Here is Massimo. I love the idea you have a blog !
I will check it every day, I promise ! I have already added it to my favorites. Can we also criticise or disagree from what you say ? Like, a forum for discussions ?
Massimo Perrucca (from your work)